While still applying the basic design principles of balance, rhythm and contrast, interior experts are ingeniously rethinking old concepts with new ideas that are evolving living spaces that truly look and feel like home.

Here are some eye-catching and nerve-soothing interior ideas coming home to you in 2016.

Living rooms that feel natural

The conveniences that come with the heavy presence of gadgets and electrical appliances in the living room can easily turn into an encumbrance. And they rid the home of the calm and relaxed atmosphere of nature. Homeowners are overlooking tech-wired glitches for the soothing respite of a natural home without the digital distractions.

By fully decorating the living room without going overboard, occupants get the right balance and atmosphere in the home that encourages simple activities like reading, family conversations and even quiet meditation.

Outdoor fabric for indoors

The boundaries are fading between traditional outdoor fabrics and indoor fabrics, as homeowners in 2016 are opting for the durability, colour and toughness of the outdoors in their living room furniture and dining room designs.

Grey or matte black stainless steel appliances

Shiny silver stainless appliances used to be king, but grey or matte black are taking over for that extra finishing touch, accent and centerpiece feel.

Hassle-free luxury

One recurring style in modern interior is the preference for low-maintenance appliances and minimal digital distractions that make the home more livable and relaxed. Trendy homeowners look out for luxury and distinction that don’t necessarily imply heavy home equipments and gadgets that keep them on the edge all the time or make them worry when they have visitors.

Extensive lighting

Colourful and exciting varieties in large scale light fixtures, chandeliers and lanterns to give full impact, contemporariness and style to the living space.

Larger sized tiles

The small format tiles have long ago been ditched for the larger 12 by 24 inches tiles kitchens and bathrooms. It definitely has a better touch of luxury and convenience. But how about a little larger? Maybe 31 by 71 inches … wouldn’t that be more perfect?

Open, spacious and colourful kitchens

The modern kitchen space is now more spacious, fluid, airy and accented with full-sized appliances, cabinetry and focal points that take functionally beyond just being the place where dishes are made. It is a statement in the graceful meeting point between simplicity and sophistication that serve multiple purposes in the home – cooking, dining, reading and family chats.

Another notable trend is the remodeling of kitchen drawers for more storage and ease of use, with smartly designed dividers and inserts.

Formal dining rooms still take the cake

There have been several attempts to alter the design of the dining space into more of an office or media room or perhaps to minimise its significance in the home. But this old time home feature is not going out of fashion any time soon. The formal dining room now takes more attention and a leap with trends into the future, because for homeowners, a dedicated corner for special family meals cannot be negotiated away.