It can cost up to £20,000 to give your kitchen a facelift. This is why many people keep putting off that makeover until they have saved up their budget. However, you don’t always need to gut your wallet to enjoy a nice-looking kitchen.  Here are some cheap ways to give your kitchen a new look

Use New Handles and Pulls

Refreshing the hardware in your kitchen is arguably the easiest and quickest update you can do. Fortunately, companies like Handle Shop who specialise in cheap door handles have a wide range of options you can go with when it comes to such upgrades.  When changing the handles on your kitchen doors and cabinets avoid fun and trendy choices as they tend to lose their appeal quickly.

Paint Your Cabinets

New cabinets can be very costly so instead of shelling out on new ones give your old cabinets a lick of paint. Colours like yellow, green, pink and orange are perfect choices if you want some glow in your kitchen.

Change the Cabinet Doors

Simply removing the cabinet door and replacing it with a glass panel door can give the appearance of a major upgrade. Don’t want to show off the contents? Frosted glass can do a great job.  You can keep the cabinet open after removing the doors to create the effect of open shelving. It will allow you to make your bowls and dishes the centre of attraction while creating a bit of interest.

Buy a Pendant Light

Old light fixtures take away from the look and feel of your kitchen. Simply changing the light fixture to a colourful pendant can transform the appearance of your kitchen. You can find inexpensive pendant lights at your local shop.

Use Appliances For Decoration

Colourful small appliances can add zest to your kitchen. From toasters to blenders and mixers there is no limits to how you can use appliances to beautify your kitchen. Savvy home improvement professionals see kitchen appliances as jewellery. You should too!

Use Window Treatments

Colorful window treatments give a new lease of life to the space. However you must take care to avoid options that can get easily ruined. Consider using options that can be fitted into the window. This is to allow easy rolling up when you are busy in the kitchen and avoid having to regularly change the treatment options.

Buy a new counter top

Replacing countertops is a cheap way to improve your cabinets.  Laminate surfaces are the best options. Choose a colorful marble option for the best results. We recommend a high quality material such a marble. Topsco can supply and install your worktops.

Clean your Kitchen

Many people do not consider this option but cleaning up your kitchen is a great way to give it a new look. Too many activities go on in the kitchen on a daily basis so it’s only natural that it gets to look dull and gloomy over a period of time. Using rag and water and the right cleaning agent around your kitchen could be all you need to transform its appearance.  Don’t forget to clean the appliances as well!

Any combination of the tips covered here could be all you need to transform your kitchen without spending large sums.