About us

Landmarktrust is UK’s premium hub for architecture-related content, information, and services. Our magazine focuses on bringing cutting-edge content from experts, leaders in innovation, and trendsetters that will add value to both experts and consumers alike.

Our directory has over XXXX UK’s RIBA Chartered Practices located all over the UK. We attract some of the best in the business because of our unwavering commitment to quality.

High-Quality Architecture-Related Services

We are trusted by experts and consumers and have built a reputation as the go-to source for first-class architectural related information, guidance, and services. The experts in our platform have years of experience providing high-quality architectural services and are well-trusted by consumers.

A Home For Architecture Enthusiasts

The goal of Landmarktrust is to give architectural enthusiasts a place they can call home online. We are a melting pot of the best bits of design and construction.

We started with the aim of providing excellent guidance and services to consumers, as well as providing direction, innovation, and new perspective in the architectural industry.

We wanted to create a hub that allowed architectural creatives to share their ideas, engage, debate and dissect new trends. And that is what Landmarktrust is all about.

Simply put, we aim to make architecture better in the UK and the world. As champions of better buildings, environments, and the communities, we have been able to position our members at the zenith of their profession. We provide exposure, recognition, and support.

We Bring High-Quality Architecture Service Providers To Consumers

We help thousands of consumers find high-quality professionals in their area easily. We have showcased award-winning designs and helped propel talented individuals to the next stage of their careers.

We provide easily understandable information and advice that helps consumers make the right architectural choice. We try to break down the architectural jargon for consumers and those new to the field because we believe a more educated and aware consumer will aid in advancing the architectural field.

Find The Perfect Professional

Irrespective of the size of building you have in mind, consulting the right professional is vital to its success. Architects offer customised advice and services in building design and construction. Landmarktrust enables you to find the right professional with the prerequisite experience and local expertise you can trust.

The professionals on our platforms have been vetted to ensure they are fully certified. They are RIBA Chartered members and are registered with Architects Registration Boards (ARB).

Experts on our platforms are known for their professionalism and excellent customer services. With award-winning designers on our platforms, you can be assured that you will be getting excellent service.

We are passionate about excellence in every aspect of architectural related services. With peers and consumers alike interacting and engaging, we hope to play a role in ushering in and shaping future architectural advancements.

We believe that it’s only by fostering an environment that allows leaders in innovation, both experts and consumers, to interact with each other so that a value-oriented creativity can be actualised.

Landmarktrust has something for everyone. Whether you’re an expert or consumer, interacting on our platform will be beneficial and valuable to you.