Landmark Architecture Magazine is a resourceful and trust worthy architectural-focused magazine that can give your brand the much needed exposure that it requires in today’s competitive market. Are you a practitioner in the architectural industry? Take advantage of this platform and expand your reach to your target audience by advertising with us. We create an environment of discovery where a level playing field is provided. With our directory, you do not have to worry about how your interested clients get in touch.


Landmark Architecture is a magazine that provides information, guidance and services for practitioners in the architectural industry, as well as consumers of different architecture related services. We have carved a niche as a trusted source of reliable and helpful information for leaders in the industry. We offer up-to-date information to practitioners who need to be conversant with the trends and best practice in the industry; as well as guidance to consumers who desire these services. We deliver this information in a fresh, intelligent and engaging manner. Because we are a trusted and practical resource in the industry, running an advert with us enhances your business capacity and opens up new opportunities.


Are you into architecture, design development, planning and construction? Are you an estate realtor or agent? Do you offer interior design services? Are you involved in landscape architecture? If you are into branding, civil engineering, graphic design, structural design, lighting design, master planning, urban design or you offer services in any related area, you are most welcome to advertise with us.

 Landmark Architecture Magazine is a one stop shop for any information or resource that is architecturally related. This is the advantage. Because this is our specialty, as long as you are in the architectural industry, advertising with us projects your business to the right set of people.


Our magazine has a wide reach, and is effectively accessed by high calibre architectural industry professionals, service personnel and consumers.  We bridge the gap between the practitioner and the consumer by providing your prospective clients, wherever they are, with information about the services that you offer. Advertising with us, therefore projects your business and gives your business the much desired boost it needs.


  • As a digital platform, we have an extensive reach. Advertising with us projects you onto the global plane, in a very timely fashion.
  • Advertising with us is a cost effective option. Your ads will be viewed by millions of people in your target audience, which will be advantageous to your business.
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  • Being included in our directory listing boosts patronage for your business by providing a contact link between you and your prospective client.
  • Advertising with us provides you with a wide array of possibilities.
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