A career in the construction industry is an attractive option. Working in construction means you get to build the things people depend on every day, ranging from the homes families live in to hospitals and educational institutions. Depending on your career choice in the construction industry you could start working straight away, or study to build your qualifications and your understanding of the industry, architecture and engineering. Here are five tips for securing a career in construction.

Decide the sort of job you would like

Careers in construction vary widely, ranging from the hands-on and outdoors to the desk-bound and strategic. Though you can change your career route in construction later, it is a good idea to have some idea of what sort of job you would like to do early on. You may be more interested in becoming an architect, or cost accountant. Alternatively, a site inspection role or physical work such as bricklaying or glazing might be your first choice.

Get an education

Construction, especially when it comes to large projects, is a complex endeavour and engineering skills and knowledge, and an understanding of the regulations involved is important. Depending on the role you choose, think about enrolling with a tertiary institution such as the University of Bolton where you can choose from a number of construction and civil engineering courses. You can also further your existing educational achievements by, for example, taking a Master’s in civil engineering and construction at the University of Bolton.

Research which companies you want to apply to

Your choice of construction career will determine where you apply for a job, and so would your attitude to working environments. Construction projects range from the relatively simple – building individual homes, for example – to complex skyscraper projects. If you prefer seeing your individual contribution to a job making a big difference, apply to work for a house building company. On the other hand, if you want to make a difference at a large project, talk to big construction firms that deal with large-scale construction.

Sign up for an apprenticeship

Building structures is essentially a practical activity. Training for some construction careers are strictly by apprenticeship, and you will have to take this route to gain the necessary qualification and experience. On the other hand, if your construction career starts with academic certification, think about getting an internship while you study so that you have some practical experience before you look for a job.

Manage your reputation from the start

Reputation in the construction industry is extremely important. It is a field where errors and omissions often only surface when it is too late, and the responsible parties can no longer be held accountable. For this reason, industry participants place great value on the reputation of companies and individual workers. As a new entrant in the industry, you should always deliver quality work and manage your reputation throughout.

Construction can be a rewarding career with roles that suit a range of individual talents and preference and is generally well paid. To get started on your construction career, think about which construction job suits your skills and personality best, and complete the necessary educational courses – or opt for an apprenticeship for a fast track to on the job experience.