Are you happily married? Do you have kids? If you do, then there’s only one thing left to make your life perfect – A Man Shed!

The ultimate man shed doesn’t have to look or feel like the cockpit of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. The best man shed for you simply needs to have the basics and everything else YOU want. Special emphasis is laid on you because that’s what the man shed is about – you. It’s your private space. Your sanctuary. And within it, your will is sovereign.

Marty from Pregio Homes  states: “Every man’s ideal shed is specifically designed to suit his unique personality. A man who is a fan of soccer cannot expect is man shed to share the same quirks as that of a man who is a rugby fan.  Don’t get me wrong! There’s nothing bad about borrowing ideas from another man’s shed. Just as long as by the time you finish combining all the components of your shed, it is distinct from the one that inspired you.”

To have the ultimate outside man shed, you need to have a vision of how you want its outside and especially its inside to look. You can’t be told how to make your man shed unique, your character and preferences will determine that. But let’s have a look at the basic features every respectable man shed should have.

Firstly the outside. You man cave’s structure can be done in the form of a summer house or log cabin. If you intend on enjoying your man shed all year round, be sure to have it insulated to help retain heat during cold seasons.

On the inside (this is where things get interesting), you can stock it up with all the luxury you can afford and the shed can occupy. Such as:


What’s a good time without the internet these days? Get a reliable Wi-Fi router and get your fill of Netflix and YouTube without the wife or kids bothering you.

TV and Home entertainment system

The larger the TV, the more manly it is. If possible, get one that covers a whole wall.

“Flat screen TV’s have dramatically reduced in price over the past few years, and now have become the preferred choice in most homes so why not make that a feature for your Ultimate Man Shed. As well as the improved picture quality on offer, one of the main benefits of a flat screen TV is that it can be wall mounted.” – JNBTech

Gaming console

Get an Xbox, or a PlayStation, or install a pool table, or foosball table, poker table, roulette wheel or get it all. Your shed is your vacation hovel, so stock it up for fun.

A man shed that doesn’t offer privacy doesn’t deserve to be called a man shed. Put a lock on the door, and make sure no can get in without your authorization.

Steady electricity supply

You’ll definitely need this for your fridge, air conditioning, and other electrical appliances – which you can get from Gear Hungry.


You can furnish and decorate your shed however you want. Those Playboy pictures your wife disapproves of, plaster them all over the wall in place of wallpaper. If you prefer, go with a sport theme for your décor. Have nice comfortable seats, and add a bar for a classy touch.

Best part is you don’t have to do any of the electrical installation yourself.

There are home engineering professionals like JNBTech or similar experts who can do all your electrical wiring including putting in place the home entertainment systems, and security. The services of such a professional will help avoid mistakes such as faulty wiring.