Size? Location? Price? Yes, all of these, but probably the most important one, is the undefined “kerb appeal”. Kerb appeal draws a potential buyer into a property. A house, or flat, may be the right size, in the right place and within budget, but if from the outside the property looks unkempt or unloved, with brambles in the front garden, a tired looking driveway with bins and rubbish a key roadside display, potential buyers will be put off and drive by, thus never seeing the inside of your beautifully decorated property. It is said that potential buyers make up their mind, as to whether to make further enquires on a property, within the first few seconds of seeing it.

Improving Kerb Appeal, does not have to be expensive and whilst not always increasing the value of your property, it will at least increase the number of potential buyers who cross the threshold giving a greater chance of a sale.

So the motto should be “keep it simple”.

Firstly ensure your front garden is tidy. Cut back any overhanging brambles, branches and shrubs. If a neighbour’s garden is also in need of a trim, volunteer to do it for them. 10 minutes tidying their garden as well as your own will improve the overall kerb appeal of your property. Weed the driveway and sweep up any leaves and debris. Keep the lawn under control and clip round the edges. Turn the soil over in the borders, or create a new border if the grass is beyond saving. It just makes everything look fresher. A bit of colour with a few well chosen plants never goes a miss. If the front door is not very welcoming, a quick coat of paint always helps. Wash round the windows, both to clean the panes, but also to freshen up the frames. Hide the unsightly bins, if need be, screen them.

Likewise, don’t over engineer a garden, so that it is immaculate and fiddly and looks like it requires a lot of maintenance, as this too, will put off potential buyers.

So, for little money and a bit of elbow grease the front of your house suddenly looks more appealing. There are a few benefits to investing and “doing up” your front garden as it will be something to be proud of when you come home, offer little to no maintenance once complete, it may increase the resale value as well as the ‘kerb appeal’, and also encourage neighbours to make their front gardens more appealing too.

Don’t overlook the back garden either. Arguably though the trick is to encourage a buyer into your home so they can see it and this can only be done if the front of your house is up to scratch.

Once you have moved, you can look at ways of converting your new front and back gardens to low maintenance spaces to enjoy. That is where we at come in with our design service, product supply with access to a variety of good quality contractors. If you would like to learn more about what we do, please either phone 01329 840940, visit our website or email