Many people hoping to sell their homes are often too eager to proceed, and end up making avoidable mistakes. Whether you are selling to acquire a new property or doing so to maintain a less-expensive lifestyle, you should never be in a hurry or you won’t get a good value for your property.

When you put your home on the market, ensure you work with a good online estate agent because they will prevent you from making mistakes. Here are some essential things you should know about selling your home.

Mis-pricing your home

It is normal practice to put a mark-up on your home, but when you make it unreasonably high you are setting your property for an extended stay in the market. Some home-sellers believe their house is immune to depreciation even when other properties in the same area have lost their value. Don’t underestimate potential buyers, they will surely do their homework.

Surprisingly, there are some homeowners who list their property below the actual worth, mostly because they don’t do a proper research. This is also common among people who work without a professional. If you under-price your home, the loss is on you.

Performing too many renovations

If you have plans to sell your home, avoid conducting any major renovations at least two years to sale, or you risk making it less attractive to potential buyers. For example, if your home is too different from others in the neighbourhood it will stand out in an “unappealing” way. Or if your renovations contradict the original character of the home, it will reduce its attraction. Nobody wants to buy a property and remodel it all over.

Some useful renovations may include plumbing repairs, updating an outdoor antenna – check out this guide. Re-finishing your windows and adding a fresh coat of paint in the major rooms. You can consider enhancing the basement, too. Don’t make significant changes you cannot recoup in sales.

Forgetting to De-Clutter

People generally search for homes with lots of space. An airy spacious living room is usually an instant hit. But when you forget to remove the bulky desk in the corner or that old Grandfather clock, you create an unsightly clutter. Clutters are a big turn off and will not get you a second call.

Before a house viewing, remove any obstructions that make the rooms look smaller. If you can, paint the walls a brighter colour to give it a spacious feeling. Don’t forget to clean too; remove cobwebs and dirt stains from the wall. Do some baking the same day. The aroma of freshly baked cookies is welcoming.

Doing it yourself

Don’t fall into the trap of inadvertently de-marketing your property simply because you want to save some money. You can sell an old cushion or LCD TV yourself, but selling a house is a different thing entirely. You risk over-valuing it or failing to cover all the legal aspects of a sale. Your property could also end up staying too long on the market or worse, being sold at an under-valued price.

To get the most of your deal, hire a decent professional. There are still trustworthy real estate agents out there, all it takes is some research and a phone call.