If you are planning to renovate an old building into a modern one for your office, there are some tips that are useful to know. After you have determined what style you are going for, whether you want to work with the building’s features or completely modernise the building, first consider the following.

Exercise a lot of patience

Business Renovations take time. Having this at the back of your mind would help you through those moments when you feel discouraged or wonder how long it would take to officially open for business. Your building may have the layout or location which is perfect for your business, but it would take some time before it can be remodelled into a safe place suitable for good working conditions. If your business cannot handle being kept on hold for the time necessary to finish the renovation, consider working exclusively from home, or renting out a temporary small space to conduct business in.

Be financially ready for anything

There are so many things that could go wrong during a renovation, and more often than not, they do. A good way to stay prepared is to allow at least 10% of your budget for emergencies and unforeseen needs. Carry out proper inspection before you start to be aware of potential problems but understand that some problems do not reveal themselves until you actually start the process. Carry out methodical research into when the building was built and the types of materials in use in that period.

Make the best use of what you already own

Before forking our hundreds of pounds in demolition, carefully study the unique features of your building in order to figure out the already existing design characteristics you can still incorporate into your new design. Perhaps instead of spending extra to remove or hide an exposed brick, you could clean it up and turn it into a main feature. Forget drop ceilings and enjoy the height available. Intricate trim work can be repaired rather than totally replaced.

“Aluminium window sections and panels can be powder coated to improve the look. Rather than putting yourself through the added challenges of removing, disguising or working around certain features, with a little creativity they can be turned into bold statements and enhance the wow-factor of your office building.” – Euroquality Coatings – Powder Coating Experts

Pay attention to the important stuff

Your budget might get stretched thin if you try to renovate everything at the same high price. Give your budget some breathing space. Not every part of your office building needs to be expensive or look like something from the pages of an architecture magazine. A lot can be achieved with just a fresh coat of paint. You can easily and of course cheaply transform almost anything; walls, door frames, fixtures using paint.  If what you need to finish up a room is an eye-popping mural or a great piece of art, you do not have to dill a large, unnecessary hole into your budget with some big name you cannot afford. Consider works created by talented, up-coming artists at the local college art-displays. A lot of times, the students are willing to provide affordable work in exchange for exposure.

Turn old materials to cash

A little forward thinking is necessary when carrying out renovations. Old materials especially may be useful for someone else if you have to take them out. Rather than smashing them to bits, take care to remove them in a way they remain in good condition for resale. Copper pipes and other metal waste for instance might be bought by your local salvage and other scrap businesses near you. Other old appliances, tiles and stones might interest a buyer who will be willing to offer some cash for them. Your renovation budget will certainly benefit from the extra cash you make from selling off what you do not want or need.