Deciding on the right house to buy can be a difficult choice. Though you may be tempted to buy the first one you like the look of, buying a new home is a big financial decision which should not be rushed into.


You need to determine how much you are willing to pay for the property, and plan appropriately. Have a price range in mind, putting into consideration how you are financing the purchase, and what you can afford. Are you going for a traditional loan or would you favour a less conventional financing option? Either way, adequate planning helps you factor in options for repayment, and budget accordingly.


Are you dealing directly with an estate agent or the house owner? And how do you determine which one works best? How do you know about available property in your desired location in the easiest possible way? When putting your home on the market or searching for the best possible return on investment, contacting surveyors will give you a vote of reassurance. Aston James property surveyors London can provide you with a range of property advice services that’ll make your experience on the property ladder worthwhile.

Having decided on what you can afford, you need to look out for availability within your desired location. You may want to contact an estate agent, or ask around. Either way, you want to obtain enough information and exhaust options, so as to make the best possible decision.

 The House Shop team suggests that you begin by conducting an online search. This way, you are able to explore your options, compare prices and narrow down your search, saving you time and energy.


Of the factors that influence your choice of home purchase, location is key. Improving your property is a possibility, but moving is not as easy. And when thinking of location, the attractiveness of the neighbourhood is not the only important factor to look out for. Accessibility and ease of movement to the centre of town or your work place is very important. You should also look out for available social amenities and leisure facilities. And if you have kids, you may want to consider the schools around.

The major thing here, is to check how far your soon-to-be home is from locations you need to reach regularly.


You need to be realistic in your search for a property, and this involves making compromises that eventually payoff. For example, your ideal home might have three bedrooms, but if you use two bedrooms more often, you may be better off saving the extra thousands of pounds by compromising and going for what you really need. It is more practical to make a decision based on how you live and not where you’ll live.

Generally, you should confirm important information before making your purchase. Size up the surroundings of the house and be sure to decide on what the non-negotiables are for you. Is it a noisy neighbourhood? Do the surroundings of the property appeal to you? Also, you may want to look out for structural flaws in the building once inside, and ask the right questions. The bottom line is that no property is perfect. And so, you should draw parameters to help you make a good decision.