The first element that stands out in a property is its design. So if you’re looking to stand out and make a statement in the crowd, you can get started on this emerging architectural trend for 2017.

These trends dominate the picks of industry specialists — from building to home fittings to design and renovation.

Some of the subtle design tricks and technique will help you create a mix of sparkle and warmth in your and express your unique style in all its glory. Whether you’re a professional designer or a DIY-er, you can apply these trends when planning a home overhaul or new build.

Here are top styles for 2017 to give you inspiration for your next construction or renovation project.

Combination of metal and plaster finishes

The popularity of the industrial look is set to continue well into this decade, but is now expressed in a softer and more modern tone.

Modern architectural designs is adopting a more creative use of white with white plaster coating becoming — especially for railings, light fitting and even furniture — a hot trend to give the home a grander and more majestic feel.

It also gives a magical effect of gleam and sparkle to otherwise dull colours, and provides a versatile way to add elements of sophistication to a room or space.

Retro materials

They communicated class and taste back in the olden times, but are now back with a bang ! Terracotta and cork may have their roots in the past, but modern designers are still fascinated with these unique materials and are finding to recreate them.

Thin chunky terracotta kitchens and conservatories. Imagine it in the living rooms and consider how the fire can warm them on a chilly winter night.

Faded, chunk tiles with distressed edges are a must to pull of this resurgent retro look; as regular, clean-looking tiles will make the room look old and dark.

How about cork for wall coverings? Sounds weird? Certainly doesn’t feel so. Actually, the thick, puffy material is great for sound and heat insulation, and can be handy for pinning and tacking wall decorations, reminders and other pieces.

Corks are also perfect as feature walls or to demarcate large, dull spaces. You can also get artistic with your design using cork by placing it under glass to give a natural, blended feel to furniture and other design pieces.


Matte black is the new favourite

The era of the white kitchen is giving way to a wave of matte black-themes. Featured in variety of charming smooth chrome and finished steel, matte black are dominating the living spaces in 2017 from walls to flooring to home devices and counter tops.

Balance the effect with a generous amount of space, bright white LED lighting and a good number of windows to make a loud statement in black while still retaining light and visibility.

This style perfectly matches the principle of simplicity in design, do if you choose to go follow this trend, keep the space clutter-free. Black spaces should never be overfilled, or it would feel cramped and claustrophobic.

Bathrooms gets closer to nature

Bathrooms are going natural from 2o17 for more organic relaxation. This emerging big design is mostly a fall out of travel trend and visits to exotic natural locations.

The peculiar tastes and influence of millenials are also apparent in the sheer luxury furnishes, the flood of natural elements in the spaces and a wellness corner design.  Showers and bathtubs, as well as the flooring and wall panels are also getting a remodel with stripped wood materials.

If you have adequate space, you can bring nature into your home with big, charming planters of greenery or let climbers and creepers slid up the indoor trellis wall.

If you need larger, more functional spaces, use ceramics with this natural wood look. It works well with shower trays and sinks, and can also be used as improvised counters and vanity units.

Final Word

With an ever growing urban population in major cities and a more cosmopolitan and multicultural hues, home design styles and preferences are becoming more and more sophisticated and demanding.

And astute and innovative home builders are adopting technologies and incorporate trend patterns in their build architecture.

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