If you have Indian friends, watch Bollywood movies, or have visited that exotic country sitting north and west of the Bay of Bengal, then you may share the fervent love many Westerners and Europeans have for Indian interior decor.

Apart from the fact that Indian furniture, textiles, and decorative accessories are peculiar and beautiful, they are also mostly handcrafted using very traditional techniques. Putting them up in your home will surely transform your interior into a paradise reminiscent of that exotic country in the Bay of Bengal.

Here are four crafts from the region worth having:

  • Indian Textile

Indian textile calls to mind hand-loomed and hand block printed fabrics made of fine silk and soft cotton. The intricate patterns that come with these fabrics are complemented with vibrant colours that make Indian textile impossible to overlook.

If you are looking to garnish the interior of your home with Indian decor, then it’s worth noting that there are numerous applications for Indian textile. Try Indian rugs, curtains with lustrous beaded valances, hand-printed Chikankari tablecloths, embroidered bedspreads, decorative pillow shams, bed scarfs and bolster pillow covers.


  • Indian Furniture

Another way to transform your interior into an Indian paradise is by using Indian furniture. Emblazoned with detailed artwork, Indian furniture won’t only give your home a quirky artistic appeal, but will also fill it with the ornamental scents of the ebony, teak, and rosewood into which the artwork is usually carved. India is also known for handcrafting furniture with beautiful bone and glass inlays, which can be embedded in tables, chests, storage units, cupboards, rocking chairs, and other furniture types.

While there may not be an Indian furniture shop near you, there are many of such shops online today—Irish Furnishing, for instance. Therefore, you don’t have to travel all the way to India to procure Indian furniture for your home, although such a trip would be a treat.

  • Patachitra Scrolls

If you are interested in priceless Indian paintings you can hang on or prop against your wall, then Patachitra, a type of scroll painting that is achieved by applying assorted colours on fabric scrolls and is unique to the folk artists of the Patuas and Chitrakars of Bengal, is a gem you can’t afford to miss. The Patachitra Scrolls are said to embody social messages and tales from religious scriptures.

Therefore, when you put them up in your home, you are not only adorning its interior with beautiful paintings, but are also conveying important messages and tales rooted in the rich history of an endangered Indian clan.

  • Indian Vases

Whether you are looking for flower vases or amphora, they look so much better when they are Indian. With elaborate artistic designs that can divert attention from the flowers they contain, Indian vases don’t only come in a wide variety of colour blends, but of materials also. Ones made of bamboo can leave you marvelling at the craftsmanship while the glass ones combine the bests of modern and ancient glassworks. Indian vases also come in silver, brass, ceramics, and many other materials.

There are many other Bengal crafts that the interior of your home can benefit from to exude that Indian ambience that you desire. The abovementioned four, however, will go a long way.