We are a family-run waste management company and skip hire business operating in Hereford. Over a decade ago our business was established. Since our company was created, we have worked with a range of different private and personal clients and catered to all their waste management needs. We are proud of our ability to deliver effective waste disposal solutions on time, while keeping to best practice and requisite regulations. Our skip hire company provides these services at an affordable rate in Hereford.

Environmental Friendly

Not only do we offer some of the best rates on skip hire in Hereford, we also ensure that we work in a professional, responsible way at all times. We do our best to perform all aspects of our job in accordance with high quality standards, while at the same time making your life easier. We recycle a lot of waste using our specialised equipment, and believe that this is a good starting point for environmental care. Our skip hire company aims to recycle a minimum of 50% of your waste.

Values of Our Company


Our well trained skip drivers all have the CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) qualification. Wherever you are in Hereford, we ensure our skip hire team will respond to your home or office within minutes. We are able to maintain control over the location of each of our vehicles due to built-in GPS trackers, which lets us serve you better.

Technology and Innovation

Our skip hire company continues to spend significantly on technology and learning to identify more eco-friendly ways of disposing waste material. Our innovative waste disposal and recycle activity seeks to reduce waste problems and make Hereford environment safer for residents. Although our equipment already recycles up to 50% of waste, we want to improve this figure.

Green Service

Today, waste disposal is still a major issue. Thankfully, people are becoming more aware of the effect they are having on the planet, especially in the form of their carbon footprint. At our skip hire company, we play our part by educating our staff and customers regularly on efficient waste disposal methods. Our actions speak for us. If we treat our environment better today, our coming generations will enjoy a safer world for themselves.


We have competent professionals at Skip Hire Hereford. Our team members committed to service excellence, providing quality waste management, recycling techniques and green enlightenment campaigns. If you are interested in better waste disposal practices, contact our Hereford skip hire team. We are always happy to talk you through our practices.

Our Skip Hire Operations in Hereford

Household Services

  • Book a skip online – We have a quick and easy skip hire system online. We just need your location for now. The details can be supplied later. See our site at https://skiphire-hereford.co.uk.
  • Handy bags – You can choose to store your waste in our low-cost goody bags before final disposal. They offer a safe biodegradable alternative to other regular bags. Our handy bags are available for residential and commercial use.
  • Grab lorry hire This provides an alternative option when traditional skips and handy bags are unsuitable.
  • House Clearance – Residents in Hereford can benefit from house clearance services provided by our skip hire company. Other options available include a wait and fill collection or one-time house clearance.

Company Services

3 to 12 yards Skip hire in Hereford

Due to the large number of skips we own, our skip hire company is truly a one-stop shop in Hereford. Our services vary, depending on your choice, we can deliver a single hire or various skip hire sizes. Our skips are great for the following – We assure our clients our services are direct and we do not use 3rd party businesses to complete our waste disposal. Every single piece of waste which we collect from you is processed directly by our skip hire company through the entire process.

Rubbish Removal in Hereford

We offer garbage disposal as part of our commercial package. We can clear different types of rubbish in one hit or using a wait and collect approach. Where skips or regular handy-bags are not suitable, our one-off clearance is advisable. We have well-equipped clearance trucks which are ideal for removing large compactible waste from your premises.
Our skip hire company can also provide our vehicles for collections of multiple or separated waste material in Hereford. Be rest assured, no waste is unloaded to a landfill. Where necessary, we can send more staff, but our vehicles are typically manned by a single driver-operator. Operations –

  • Large waste collections
  • Residential waste clearance
  • Plant waste clearance
  • Landscaping waste

Full Waste Processing in Hereford

We have a No Landfill policy. Due to our environmental code, we will never dump your refuse in a landfill in Hereford – or anywhere else. When we handle lots of waste material, we aim to provide quality recycling techniques for our customers and avoid landfill. By recycling and sorting waste, we reduce landfill taxes. Doing this also enhances your eco-friendly status.
The need to use more ecologically responsible methods for waste disposal is more common in the UK today. Our clients are often challenged by their own clients to reduce their use of landfills and to increase their waste recycling levels. Complicated waste items such as fluorescent tubes and bulky waste can be recycled at our hi-tech facility. By minimising your environmental waste impact, our skip hire company is able to help you improve the efficiency of your business. Contact us through our online form at https://skiphire-hereford.co.uk or usuing the address below to book a service.

Contact details –

Company Website – https://skiphire-hereford.co.uk
Contact – Timothy Richardson
Business Name – Skip Hire Hereford
Contact Number – 0800 772 3859
Business Email – contact@skiphire-hereford.co.uk
For quick advice, speak to our staff at 0800 772 3859.