Your home is a sanctuary- a place where you can afford to kick back and relax after a busy day at work. It’s not surprising then, how much effort people put into making it look more than special.

There are currently many design trends sweeping across the industry; from customisable furniture to the Indian Teal Mother of Pearl Star Chest, there is a revolution and it is catching fast. The interesting thing about it is you don’t have to spend too much to make your home stand out.

The following trends are currently rocking the interior décor industry.

  1. Warm Metals

These decors are especially useful in the bathroom and kitchen area. Rose gold, brass, copper and gold will continue to be permanent features in modern homes. Combining them with raw natural materials like marble and wood brig out the best in quality home design. They also make good investment materials because they never go out of fashion.

You can create a stunning focal point in your contemporary space with a beautiful white metal furniture. The embossed white metal coffee table, for example, is hand-made in wood and covered in decorative metal finish. It always makes a lasting impression.

  1. Rough Luxe

It is good to add some balance to the character of your room. That’s why a sterile room with some roughness gives it an unexpected touch and fascinates the senses. The Black Wave Mother of Pearl Chest of Drawers from Iris furnishing presents a fine roughness to give your bedroom some uniformity with other wood furniture. Each piece is hand crafted from start to finish by extremely talented Rajasthani craftworkers in India. Each maintaining the ancient techniques of Indian furniture making. They are also fair trade and quality to your home interior without cost, weight and problematic depth.

  1. Customised Interior

Last year, a number of online furniture brands launched their offerings into the market, giving customers the ability to customise and place orders for furniture online. This included putting their own unique specifications- size, colour and texture. The trend continues, and has definitely come to stay.

With more focus in the development of intricate algorithms and 3D software, new furniture maker Tylko allows customers to customise colours and finishes, as well as make furniture with its peculiar shape and structure. Another company, ShopFloor uses generative algorithms and 3D software to produce customised furniture.

  1. Retro Tech

Technology is relaxing its edges and traversing from impersonal, hard features of some decades ago. Today’s home devices are taking a more combined approach with domestic furniture, much like those of the 50s and 60s.

Samsung’s Serif TV has brought back its 20th century concept of stylised television. With the I-shaped outline and magnetic structure panel at the back that hides disorganised cables and plugs. Serif is challenging the idea of what an LCD TV should look like.

Most of these trends began late last year and mid-2016, and are going to continue in 2017. With new trends to expect, who says the industry isn’t raising its own bar?