Modern windows leverage advanced technology to serve multiple purposes. With an elegant design and a suitable colour, a modern window will improve the appearance of your home. And with the right window type facing the right direction, it will properly ventilate, and provide optimum lighting for your house’s interior. Also, a double-glazed thermally broken window will help reduce your energy consumption and bills.

While all these benefits of modern windows are important benefits that your window, be it an awning, a casement, or a sash window, ought to offer you, the big question is: what does your window do to protect you?

  • Protection from Burglary

A double-glazed window can be fitted with special security glass that can withstand manual attacks from a person wielding an axe, from bullets released from pistols and shotguns, and can reduce damage and injury in the case of minor explosions. Such security glass is usually laminated glass made up of two or more glass sheets bonded together under great heat and pressure with one or more PVB interlayers.

It is, however, worth knowing that every material, no matter how strong, has its breaking point—it all depends on the amount of force applied.

  • Protection from Ultraviolet Rays

Ultraviolet rays are harmful. They don’t only threaten the skin with irritation and cancer; they also make the colours of furniture and wooden floors fade with time. Modern windows can be fitted with UV films, which can reduce the penetration of UV rays by up 99% and save your skin from damages, while still allowing in natural light.

  • Protection from Noise

When you reside in an environment like an urban area, near traffic, an airport, or night club, noise can be a major headache. Modern windows that make use of double-glazing and acoustic glass can protect you from the noise. Acoustic glass is made of at least two glass sheets bonded with acoustic interlayers, which helps dampen noise travelling through the window.

  • Protection from Winter Cold

Winter is a season dreaded by many, not just because of the high-energy consumption it incites, but also because of the cold. Modern windows, especially double or triple-glazed, can provide good insulation to help keep your home and you warm during that season. When you now consider that such windows can be fitted with low-emissivity glass, which reflects heat back into your home while still letting in light and heat from the sun, winter begins to look like a not-so-scary season.

  • Protection from Broken Glass

With an old window, a homeowner and the family have to worry about sustaining injuries if the glass should break. A modern window, on the other hand, can come with either toughened or laminated glass. While toughened glass is prepared under great temperatures, and falls away in harmless fragments when broken, laminated glass has one or more interlayers that bond with the glass to prevent shards and glass pieces from scattering everywhere in the event of a breakage; instead the pieces of glass remain attached to the interlayers.

With these benefits of modern windows, it’s hard to see why anyone would still be using windows that are outdated. Apart from the safety and security risks that accompany outdated windows, they offer very little in terms of aesthetics.