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Having customised Indian furniture is one thing, arranging them around your home for a charming appeal is another. You don’t want to place a Mother of Pearl Star Chest where the beauty is overshadowed by bellowing curtains, or a valuable hand-carved Almirah table directly in sunlight where it could be bleached.

While the ideal staging of your furniture will depend on factors such as the size and plan of each space, there are guidelines to put you on the right path. The trick is to avoid doing too much in a small area.

  1. Identify your focal point

There are no clear-cut rules in furniture arrangement. If there is a focal point in the room, for example a fireplace, or a beautiful picture mounted on the wall, try placing your bespoke furniture around it to draw attention towards that direction.

  1. Watch out for reflections

Some people erroneously place mirrors in in the path of sunlight. The danger of glaring or deflecting sunlight towards delicate furniture is possible. Instead of mounting them directly opposite the window, consider putting your mirror glass inlay at the end of the hall or parallel to the source of light.

  1. Keep a clear path

You should make your room visually inviting, and without obstructions in the way. Don’t put furniture in the pathway- make room along the sides and put furniture like the chest of drawers there. However, do note the number of items you are putting in a room. Use only what is necessary for comfort, storage and utility. Find new spaces elsewhere for unimportant pieces.

  1. Avoid the Perimeter

Hand carved Indian furniture is beautiful and you would want everybody to notice, but be wary of putting them along the perimeter of the room. Doing this can give the room a stagnant look. That said, not everybody can place their furniture in the centre of the room. If your huge sofa is better against the wall, float the small pieces -like two knick-knacks- in front of it to give some balance.

  1. Encourage Conversation

Regardless of the size of your living room, always consider a seating arrangement that encourages conversation with a friend. For example, position your hand carved wood chairs near a focal point. Another way is to arrange two ‘love seats’ or chaises so they face each other.

  1. Think About Function

To decide what you’ll need in the kitchen, think about how you use space. If you love to entertain while you cook, an island or mobile workstation is a smart option. Seating position is essential, too. Choose a table and chairs if you have enough space, or get comfy stools which you can tuck under the counter after use. If you have enough space, a Teal Mother of Pearl Star Chest is highly recommended.

  1. Watch the rugs

If you have an area rug, place all seating so the legs are either totally on or totally off it. Don’t allow them wobble. Also, be careful of arranging the rugs so edges and corners are in the path of major pathways. This way people won’t trip as they walk around.