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Does your room feel claustrophobic? Do you have a house viewing and are you worried the rooms might look small to potential buyers? Or that your room is simply small?

Small rooms can feel restricting and uncomfortable. But you can make it look bigger; all it takes is some furniture adjustments, de-cluttering and touch up with a fresh coating of paint.

Colour techniques and smart light are home style and design concepts which trick the eye and make interiors seem more spacious than they are.

Hopefully, the following ideas will inspire you.

Use bright colours and clever contrasts

It is generally known in interior design that bright colours make a room feel bigger. Light and bright walls reflect light, giving the space an open and airy appearance. This maximises the impact made by natural light. On the contrary, dark colours absorb light and ‘shrink’ the room.

Consider painting your wall neat, and make the mouldings brighter than your wall. When you do so, the walls appear farther back, making your living room look bigger. For optimum effect, apply gentle tones of off-white, cyan and green, and always remember, bright rooms look bigger and more inviting. This is a great hack for your next house viewing event.

Rearrange your furniture

When you have limited space, everything counts. By positioning your furniture to free up your floor space, you can give your room a spacey feel. If you don’t have that much space, stack up the larger bits of furniture by the corners and not in the middle.

  • Sometimes, removing smaller pieces of furniture from the wall and putting them at a diagonal angle in the centre of your room, can make it look bigger.
  • Put your bed in the corner of the room to open up floor space
  • Set your sofa against the wall in your living room to open the floor and pathway.
  • One quality of a large room is the ability to move about freely. Don’t put furniture in your pathway or you’ll block the space.

De-clutter your room

The more furniture you have, the smaller or cramped up it looks. Keep your small room tidy and planned. Measure your room before buying furniture.

  • If your room is small, consider having less furniture. Use one piece of furniture as the focal point. This draws the eye to it; for your living room, it could be the sofa or coffee-table. Avoid adding needless chairs and figurines, as they will only create clutter.
  • Beware of putting up too many paintings on your wall, or they give your room a cluttered look and you’ll feel more confined.

Make use of your walls

For essential equipment like heating units or TV, use your walls. Instead of bulky radiators that get in the way, you could have an infra-red heating unit. They are flat and wall-mounted. Similarly, an LCD TV is good for the same purpose. It is sleek, ideal for minimising space. Just make sure it’s the right size.

When buying furniture, consider those with additional storage space so you can fold up or put things inside when you don’t need them.