Manchester’s Earl Flores is dedicated to high end aluminium window products and services as a member of Landmark Trust. In that time, we have been able to provide customers with satisfactory solutions to common aluminium window projects such as sound proofing, renovation, refurbishment and installation of new windows. With years experience installing aluminium windows in Manchester, we’re revered for out high-end services.
We continue innovating with the same quality services that first gained us a reputation. We offer specially designed aluminium windows, yet we also provide unique patterns to match the architectural design of your home. We get common requests to models our windows in the Edwardian, Georgian, and Victorian style.
We are serious about making your aluminium windows attractive after installation. We don’t just design attractive aluminium window; we also ensure the windows are adequately protected against the elements with our draught protection service. You can enjoy peace of mind when working with us because all our work is insured and guaranteed. Our membership with Landmark trust full exemplifies our straightforwardness with clients.
Our pricing system is streamlined and devoid of any hidden fees as we offer free consultations and no-obligation quotes. All Aluminium Windows Manchester customers have no issues with recommending our services to others because our customer friendliness and professionalism always shines through. We don’t consider a task to be complete until our client is completely satisfied with the work. Working with us, is working with a talented company that fully understands the intricacies of aluminium design. Some of the services we provide include –

Installing New Aluminium Window

Special talent is required in installing aluminium windows. At Earl Flores, we have mastered the craft and have helped a lot of homeowners install the perfect aluminium windows that agreed with their personality and taste. We’re in good standing in Manchester because or our decades of experience in serving clients. You know to expect top work ethic and top-notch service when you work with Earl Flores.
We provide great services at a price you can afford. Our quality of service is validated because of our customers’ satisfaction after all of these years. We don’t set to work without confirming the state of the aluminium window frames.
First, we inspect the window frames to assess whether the condition is good. 5 Initially, we check for a good state of the window frames. If the condition is good, only new sliding parts are needed.

Aluminium Window Repair Manchester

Earl Flores provides high-quality aluminium windows repair in Manchester. If you are not sure if your windows can be restored all you need to do is give us a call. We’ve seen everything in our years repairing aluminium windows, and quite likely, your problem will be old hat for us. We’ll first check for root causes before beginning repairs on your windows.
After writing up a quote with transparent pricing, we’ll proceed with repairs only if you’re in agreement. We have repaired aluminium windows for a variety of property types in the past including residential, listed, commercial and heritage properties. All across Manchester, we have worked on a wide range of window types and window designs. Our track record of success makes us one of the top options for people who want to get things right the first time. Other repairs we do include stuck or rattling window repairs, glass or putty repairs and more. When you need to restore your window to its former glory, you can count on the experts at Aluminium Windows Manchester to always deliver.

Manchester Replacement of Aluminium Windows

That’s where we come in to provide a professional opinion on how best to proceed. Simple repairs can have an aluminium window looking like new even when you thought it wouldn’t be possible. In other cases however, you may be better served replacing instead of repair from a financial standpoint. It may be better to replace rather than renovate and have to refurbish shortly after again.
Our aluminium window replacement service is designed to be simple and straight forward to make it headache-free for you. You will get the same reliable and affordable service that is our hallmark. We’re experienced in replacing all types of aluminium window styles in the Manchester area.

Double Glazing Your Aluminium Windown

Double glazed aluminium windows has pioneered new innovations in the aluminium window industry. We are not just one of the top options for double glazing in Manchester, we carry out the process with the charm and character of your building in mind. Our windows are not only beautiful, but top end and efficient. When you use our double glazed Aluminium windows service, you stand to enjoy the follow benefits –
Reduced energy use that lessens electricity costs. You can reduce your carbon footprint when your home uses less energy. It prevents noise pollution which keeps your home quiet.

Expert Aluminium Window Fitters in Manchester

As long as you have made the order, you can count on us to fit your windows. Our expertise and professionalism ensures that all fitted aluminium windows blend in perfectly with the property. Regardless of the style of aluminium windows you’ve gone for, our joiners and fitters will add to the satisfaction and not take away from it. No matter the service required, we known we can finish it off well. Our membership with the Landmark Trust ensures we’ll deliver professionalism and straightforwardness.

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