Contrary to what many homeowners believe, there are actually many elements that can jeopardize your home’s security. Living in a certain location might place you at a higher risk of a burglary or home invasion, while a different location might make your home more vulnerable to rodents or insects.

We spoke with Somerfield Townhomes about ways to keep your property safe. To deter trespassers on your property, put into place the following safety measures.

A fence


Fences are not just physical deterrents but also psychological ones as well. Believe it or not, most criminals are actually lazy and opt for the easiest possible target. A fenced-in home with a gate might seem like too much of an obstacle to the average burglar who would rather try their luck with an easier target. However, your fence doesn’t have to make your home feel like a prison in order to keep trespassers away. As a psychological deterrent, a simple picket fence will suffice and will also stop wildlife from accessing your property.



To protect your home from a pest or rodent invasion, fumigating is an important prevention measure to consider. Believe me when I say having a swarm of ants or termites living under your home or within its walls can prove disastrous, not just for your current living situation but also if you want to sell the property in the future. Prevention is the way to go, so contact a proper exterminator and have your property fumigated as often as needed. There are also certain types of fumigations that repel rodents such as rats.

Get a dog


Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries—and with good reason. Not only are they loyal companions, the right breed can also serve as the protector to a home. In addition to wiring your home with a security system, you can also get yourself a highly trained dog that will deter burglars or any other trespassers on your property. Certain dogs can even protect your home from rodents, like hunting breeds that still have hunting instincts in their genes. There have been stories of dogs successfully protecting their owners from creatures that are as large as bears. Trust me, a loyal and well trained dog is a great investment that can effectively serve your home for years.

Bars on the windows


Not everyone likes the idea of having bars on their windows as it can make a home feel too much like a prison. While that might be true, it’s undeniable that well-installed bars over windows are a security advantage. With security bars, trespassers will definitely have a harder time getting into your home. To minimize the jailhouse effect, get decorative window bars that not only beautify your home but also significantly shield it from criminals.

Smoke and fire detectors


It’s not only external dangers you need to protect your home against, but also internal risks. A fire inside the home can be avoided by installing a smoke detector that will alert you and the proper authorities in the event of a fire outbreak. A carbon monoxide detector is also a necessary piece of home security, as the deadly gas is odorless and won’t be detected without it.
Regardless of where you live, be it Hawaii, Australia, or the Bermuda Triangle, your home’s security is something you can never afford to take for granted. Having all five of the above features put in place will go a long way in securing your home. As secure as the White House and Buckingham Palace are, they’re still not completely immune to invaders and have been successfully broken into in the past. Secure your property and don’t take chances with your home’s safety.