Europe is famous for its famous destinations and awe-inspiring landmarks, and because of this there are many people looking to move from across the world in order to live in Europe. While England is deemed to be an expensive country to live in wholly due to the rising costs in the capital London, there are actually a few countries in Europe that are far more expensive than London. According to the cost Of Living Index which values the cost of living in each city, the most expensive city in the world to live in is Zurich, Switzerland – with London ranking as 6th. If you’re considering living in a country in Europe, it is important to ensure that you have an EHIC from when you’re viewing properties to prepare just in case. We’ve put together a list of some of the most expensive cities and countries in Europe to live in.

More Expensive Than England

Switzerland is the most expensive country to live in in Europe according to the Cost Of Living Index, with 4 of Switzerland’s biggest cities ranking within the top 5. Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne and Basel are only broken up by Reykjavik in Iceland. Switzerland is located in the middle of the EU, but not a part of it, which has made a huge difference with import, export and VAT on their trade. In addition to this, minimum wage in the country is much higher in Switzerland, and because of this labour and services will cost more making the entire country an expensive one to live in. However, salaries in the country do also match this cost of living.



Two of the most expensive cities in England are the capital London, and Cambridge. The price of housing in Cambridge and London, while may match some of the salaries that you can earn there, are some of the highest out of the entire country, and it is far more likely for you to be able o afford to live somewhere like Liverpool if you’re considering moving to England. While there are a few different options that you can choose, due to the prestigious university and now royal ties with the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge, you can be sure that the cost of living is going to be exceptionally high, when compared to the rest of Europe. However, Oslo, Copenhagen, Dublin and Paris all rank higher than Cambridge in the rankings, so there is some hope for those looking for a pricey option that is cheaper than those cities.

Eastern Europe

As soon as you begin to head into Eastern Europe, you will begin to find countries that are far cheaper to live in than England, despite being some of the most beautiful naturally. Bulgaria for example is so cheap that you will probably pay less for a house out there than you paid for your last car in England. In addition to Bulgaria, countries such as Poland, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine an Bosnia and Herzegovnia all rank within the bottom of the Cost Of Living Index, and still offer a great quality of life in these countries.