Shape Architecture’s brand signature of style, elegance and maximum functionality are a common feature of the company’s large portfolio of successfully executed projects spread throughout London, Brighton and the South-East. Shape Architecture are chartered RIBA Architectural Practitioners with an expanding reputation for top notch quality, service delivery and reliability that completely satisfies.

With each project spanning Private Residential, School and Community Sectors, the goal is to create a masterpiece that optimizes the principles of space, light and transparency. Shape Architecture has undertaken a number of bespoke projects in the London, Brighton and the South-East areas, as shown by these examples:

Contemporary Residential Extension at St Dionis Road, Fulham, London

Shape Architecture has delivered customised and satisfactory solutions on a variety of residential projects throughout London and the South-East. These include whole house new builds and basement extensions, pod room extension projects, smaller refurbishments, as well as explored concepts designs for green homes.

The client brief for the Residential Extension at Fulham was to convert two flats in a terraced property back into a family home. Shape Architecture are skilled and experienced professionals in splitting houses into separate apartments or, as in this example, turning flats into a family home.

As part of the design of the project to taste and specification, Shape Architecture created a large interior with a stream of natural lights by creatively utilizing the side and rear extensions on the ground floor kitchen.

Basement Extension in Chelsea & Lower Ground Floor Redesign

Space Architecture are experts in creative and spacious basement conversions and extensions with natural light fills.

The award of this project to Shape Architecture followed a client referral after a number of quality and efficiently executed basement projects in west London. The client instruction on this project sited on Redesdale Street, Chelsea was to add a basement extension with a redesigned garden and feature lightwell.
The client also wanted an eco-feel on the property with a thermal upgrade and use of energy saving features. The brief also required the garden redesign to better integrate with the interior and as well serve as a clement outdoor dining space. To achieve that specific objective, the garden elevation was reduced by cutting back on the number of steps that presently existed.

This project was particularly unique because of the extensive designs required and finer details such as architraves, skirting and cornices.

Using a coordinated approach, Shape Architecture ensured details are repeatedly featured throughout the project. The lower ground was converted into a simple and elegant space; then a side extension was added to create a simple rectangular floor plan.

A glass walkway sits over the lightwell and extends almost the entire length of the building, connecting the interior to the garden.  To allow for proper ventilation to the basement level of the lightwell, the glass platform is fitted with a 600mm wide steel grille at either end.

This precise and meticulous detail of the project gives it a light, airy feel; which is further accentuated by different types of light sources to different spaces.