We are a family-run waste management company and skip hire business operating in Bexley. We founded our company more than ten years ago. Since our company was created, we have worked with a range of different private and personal clients and catered to all their waste management needs. We maintain strict regulatory standards, and pride ourselves on delivering prompt, effective waste disposal solutions. The rates for our skip hire company in Bexley are extremely competitive.


All our Bexley skip hire services are built on our professional service, with environmental responsibility at its heart. Our company does its best to reduce your stress while carrying out our services within strict, company imposed standards. Since we are committed to reducing our environmental impact, we ensure that we recycle as much as we can using our specialised machinery. Our aim is a 50% recycling rate.

Our Skip Company’s Standards


Our skip hire drivers all boast the CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) qualification along with an array of training. No matter where you are in Bexley, we can be on your doorstep within minutes of your call. We are able to maintain control over the location of each of our vehicles due to built-in GPS trackers, which lets us serve you better.

Up-to-date Technology

In order to continually improve our waste disposal efficiency and environmental friendliness, our skip hire company invests significant resources in training and technology. To improve the safety of Bexley and reduce the effects of garbage, we are always working out new ways to improve our recycling and waste disposal techniques. We already recycle around 50% of waste using our specialised equipment, but we would like to see this number increase.


Today, waste disposal is still a major issue. The world is concerned about our effect on the planet and the amount of carbon footprint we leave in our wake. We play our role by informing customers about eco-efficient waste disposal methods and teaching our skip hire team the latest industry techniques. We don’t just preach environmental protection, we actually do something. The way we treat the planet today will determine the earth that our children and grandchildren will be left to live on.


All of our team members are experts in their field. We are committed to excellence in all forms of our work, be it education programs, waste disposal, or waste management. If you are interested in better waste disposal practices, contact our Bexley skip hire team. We would be happy to discuss our practice with you.

Our Skip Hire Operations in Bexley

Residential Services

  • Book a skip on the internet – Our web based skip booking system allows you to quickly hire a skip. To get started, all you need to do is give us your location. Go to our site at https://skiphire-bexley.co.uk to begin
  • Handy bags – You can choose to store your waste in our low-cost goody bags before final disposal. They offer a safe biodegradable alternative to other regular bags. Our handy bags are available for residential and commercial use.
  • Grab lorry hire Out lorry hire service provides another option for use in circumstances where other methods are unsuitable.
  • House Clearance – If you live in Bexley, our skip hire company also delivers house clearance services. We can personalise a wait and load option to clear your garbage.

Enterprise Services

3 to 12 yards Skip hire in Bexley

With various skip sizes available, our skip hire company can offer commercial clients in Bexley a true one-stop shop for your skip hire needs. We can offer you a one-off or repeat skip hire service, according to your needs. Our skips are great for the following – We guarantee that all our waste disposal is done through our own company, and we never employ the services of any other businesses. From start to end, our skip hire company processes every kilogram of material taken from your site in Bexley.

Garbage Removal in Bexley

We offer garbage disposal as part of our commercial package. Our lorries can do a one-time clearance or a wait-and-clear collection for different types of waste. This is a useful service when skips or handy bags are not a viable solution. Sometimes your large volume of compactable bulky waste can be ideally rid by our rubbish clearance truck.
Our skip hire company can also provide our vehicles for collections of multiple or separated waste material in Bexley. None of this material is dumped into landfill. If needed we can provide more labour, although the vehicle comes with one driver/operator. Operations –

  • Removal of bulky waste
  • Recycling waste collection
  • Reprocessing waste
  • Garden waste

Managing Waste in Bexley

Our skip hire company has a “No Landfill” policy. Our environmental ethics policies mean that we will never dispose of any of your waste in a landfill in Bexley or in any other location. Where a number of waste materials are produced, we aim for the highest level of recycling possible. By recycling and sorting waste, we reduce landfill taxes. This action also improves your green credibility.
The need to use more ecologically responsible methods for waste disposal is more common in the UK today. Our clients are often challenged by their own clients to reduce their use of landfills and to increase their waste recycling levels. We have systems in place to recycle things like fluorescent tubes and even elimination of bulky waste. If you operate a business in Bexley, our skip hire company can reduce your waste impact on the environment by using tailored services to improve its efficiency. Our relationship starts with a click. To make a service booking, reach us online on https://skiphire-bexley.co.uk or our business address –

Contact us now –

Website address – https://skiphire-bexley.co.uk
Contact – Dorothy Brown
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Office Phone – 0800 772 3859
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For quick advice, speak to our staff at 0800 772 3859.