Our waste management and skip hire business is an independently run company in St Albans. Over a decade ago our business was established. Homes and commercial buildings in St Albans have received industry leading waste management solutions from us since our inception. We are proud of our ability to deliver effective waste disposal solutions on time, while keeping to best practice and requisite regulations. Our skip hire company provides these services at an affordable rate in St Albans.

Green Service

Our skip hire company in St Albans delivers affordable services with professionalism and in a responsible manner. Our company does its best to reduce your stress while carrying out our services within strict, company imposed standards. We recycle a lot of waste using our specialised equipment, and believe that this is a good starting point for environmental care. Our skip hire company has set a target to recycle about 50% of your waste.

Values of Our Company


Our skip hire drivers all boast the CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) qualification along with an array of training. No matter where you are in St Albans, we can be on your doorstep within minutes of your call. Our vehicles have GPS trackers installed in them to maintain control over their location at any time and improve service to our customers.

State Of The Art Technology

Our skip hire company continues to spend significantly on technology and learning to identify more eco-friendly ways of disposing waste material. To improve the safety of St Albans and reduce the effects of garbage, we are always working out new ways to improve our recycling and waste disposal techniques. Although our equipment already recycles up to 50% of waste, we want to improve this figure.

Eco Green

The disposal of unwanted objects is a worldwide problem. The world is concerned about our effect on the planet and the amount of carbon footprint we leave in our wake. At our skip hire company, we play our part by educating our staff and customers regularly on efficient waste disposal methods. We practice what we preach. As a people, we control the future of the planet earth – if we treat it well, then future generations will be able to enjoy it in all its glory.


All of our team members are experts in their field. Our team members committed to service excellence, providing quality waste management, recycling techniques and green enlightenment campaigns. If you would like to know more about improving your waste disposal habits, call our skip hire team in St Albans. We are always happy to talk you through our practices.

Our Skip Hire Activities in St Albans

Residential Services

  • Book a skip online – Our online skip system provides a fast and convenient way to hire a skip. It is simple, we only need your location from the start and we discuss the important details later. Visit our site on https://skiphire-st-albans.co.uk.
  • Handy bags – You can store your waste temporarily in our low-cost convenient bags. Our bags are environmentally safe. They could be used by domestic and commercial consumers.
  • Grab lorry hire Out lorry hire service provides another option for use in circumstances where other methods are unsuitable.
  • House Clearance – Our skip hire team performs clearance services for homes in St Albans. We provide custom solutions for one-off house clearance or a wait and fill collection.

Business Services

3 to 12 yards Skip hire in St Albans

Companies in St Albans have a broad selection of skip sizes to choose from at our one-stop skip hire company. Our services vary, depending on your choice, we can deliver a single hire or various skip hire sizes. You will find our skips useful for removing – We assure our clients our services are direct and we do not use 3rd party businesses to complete our waste disposal. We process every single piece of waste that leaves your premises onsite in St Albans.

Garbage Removal in St Albans

We offer garbage disposal as part of our commercial package. Depending on your preferences, our business can do a wait-and-fill service or one-off clearance. This is a useful service when skips or handy bags are not a viable solution. Sometimes your large volume of compactable bulky waste can be ideally rid by our rubbish clearance truck.
Also available at our skip hire company in St Albans are a fleet of vehicles for collecting several or sorted waste materials. We assure you no material is dumped in a landfill. If needed we can provide more labour, although the vehicle comes with one driver/operator. Available Services –

  • Removal of trade waste
  • Domestic waste disposals
  • Industrial clearance
  • Garden waste

Full Waste Processing in St Albans

Our company doesn’t believe in landfill. We will never unload your waste into any landfill in St Albans (or elsewhere) as stated by our company values. Where a number of waste materials are produced, we aim for the highest level of recycling possible. In order to reduce landfill taxes, we recycle all single stream waste and sort all combined stream waste. Actions such as this will help grow your name as an environmentally friendly company.
Green methods of waste disposal are becoming more important than ever in the UK. Our clients are often challenged by their own clients to reduce their use of landfills and to increase their waste recycling levels. We have technology to recycle material such as fluorescent tubes and to remove large waste. With our personalised services, our skip hire company can improve your St Albans business efficiency by decreasing the effect of your waste on the environment. Contact us through our online form at https://skiphire-st-albans.co.uk or usuing the address below to book a service.

Contact us now –

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