We are a family-run waste management company and skip hire business operating in West London. Over a decade ago our business was established. Since then, we have brought efficient waste management solutions to homes and commercial buildings in the area. We have developed a reputation for following best industry practice, disposing of waste efficiently, and responding to requests fast. Our skip hire company provides these services at an affordable rate in West London.

Environmental Friendly

Not only do we offer some of the best rates on skip hire in West London, we also ensure that we work in a professional, responsible way at all times. Our company does its best to reduce your stress while carrying out our services within strict, company imposed standards. We are committed to caring for the environment and have specialist equipment for recycling waste. Our skip hire company has set a target to recycle about 50% of your waste.

Principles of our Skip Company


Our skip hire drivers all boast the CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) qualification along with an array of training. Wherever you are in West London, we ensure our skip hire team will respond to your home or office within minutes. Our GPS tracked vehicles enable us monitor our drivers’ location any time and improve customer sevice.

Innovation and Tech

We invest in significant training and technology to allow us to continually improve our waste disposal techniques. We make our contribution to reducing the general trash problem by continually developing our recycling and disposal techniques – something which also improves the safety of the West London area. We have equipment that recycles up to 50% of waste and we want to take the figure higher.

Environmentally Friendly

Today, waste disposal is still a major issue. More people are now concerned about the effect of our activity on the planet, including our carbon density. At our skip hire company, we play our part by educating our staff and customers regularly on efficient waste disposal methods. Our actions speak for us. The way we treat the planet today will determine the earth that our children and grandchildren will be left to live on.


We have a team of experts. We are committed to excellence in all forms of our work, be it education programs, waste disposal, or waste management. If you are interested in better waste disposal practices, contact our West London skip hire team. We would love to hear from you.

Our Skip Hire Activities in West London

Family Services

  • Online booking – Using our online system, you can hire a skip from the comfort of your lounge. Simply supply your location to begin. Go to https://skiphire-west-london.co.uk and have a look around.
  • Handy bags – You can choose to store your waste in our low-cost goody bags before final disposal. They offer a safe biodegradable alternative to other regular bags. Our handy bags are available for residential and commercial use.
  • Grab lorry hire – Where handy bags and regular skips are inadequate, our lorry hire option offers a suitable way to rid various waste material from your home.
  • House Clearances – We can provide easy, affordable house clearance services in the West London area. Due to our flexible methods, we can cater for both one-off house clearances and wait and fill collection.

Enterprise Services

Skip hire from 3 to 12 yards in West London

With various skip sizes available, our skip hire company can offer commercial clients in West London a true one-stop shop for your skip hire needs. See us for any type of service, including single hires and multiple size collection services. Our skips are useful for the following things – We guarantee our customers of direct services for waste disposal and no involvement by 3rd party. We process every single piece of waste that leaves your premises onsite in West London.

Waste Disposal in West London

Our range of services include rubbish removal. Our lorries can do a one-time clearance or a wait-and-clear collection for different types of waste. This option is ideal for restricted items where using a skip or simple handy-bags are not advisable. If you have compressible bulky waste, our rubbish clearance truck is perfect for removing them.
If you have multiple or separated waste material, our skip hire company can provide the necessary vehicles to remove it. None of this material is dumped into landfill. The vehicle will usually come with just one driver/operator, but we are able to add more labour if needed. Services –

  • Commercial waste removals
  • Domestic waste disposals
  • Reprocessing waste
  • Single collection

Complete Waste Treatment in Locationsss

We have a No Landfill policy. As part of our ethics, we do not dump your refuse in any landfill in West London or any other location. We strive to help our customers achieve the highest levels of recycling and landfill prevention where several waste materials are produced. By moving all your single waste materials to recycling, combined stream waste into sorting, we save costs through avoiding taxes from landfill. Actions such as this will help grow your name as an environmentally friendly company.
The need to use more ecologically responsible methods for waste disposal is more common in the UK today. Often, customers themselves challenge clients to improve recycling habits and reduce their use of landfill. We have technology to recycle material such as fluorescent tubes and to remove large waste. With our personalised services, our skip hire company can improve your West London business efficiency by decreasing the effect of your waste on the environment. Click starts our service. Register a booking with us via https://skiphire-west-london.co.uk or visit us in person –

Get in touch –

Website – https://skiphire-west-london.co.uk
Business Contact – Howard Ward
Company Name – Skip Hire West London
Phone Number – 0800 772 3859
Contact Email – contact@skiphire-west-london.co.uk
To schedule a quick consultation, call 0800 772 3859.