Our waste management and skip hire business is an independently run company in Maidenhead. Over a decade ago our business was established. Since then, we have brought efficient waste management solutions to homes and commercial buildings in the area. We are proud that we always seek best practice and to exceed regulatory standards, provide responsible, efficient waste disposal, and offer rapid skip hire solutions. Through our skip hire company, we are able to provide these services at a cheap, affordable price in Maidenhead.

Through our skip hire company, we are able to provide these services at a cheap and affordable price

In addition to offering skip hire services at competitive rates in Maidenhead, we have a strict policy of professionalism and responsibility. We do our best to perform all aspects of our job in accordance with high quality standards, while at the same time making your life easier. Our commitment to environmental interests is backed by our specialist waste recycle technology and practices. Our skip hire company has set a target to recycle about 50% of your waste.

Our Skip Company’s Standards


Our well trained skip drivers all have the CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) qualification. It only takes a few minutes for our skip hire team to get to your business or home in Maidenhead. Our vehicles have GPS trackers installed in them to maintain control over their location at any time and improve service to our customers.

Innovation and Tech

In order to continually improve our waste disposal efficiency and environmental friendliness, our skip hire company invests significant resources in training and technology. To improve the safety of Maidenhead and reduce the effects of garbage, we are always working out new ways to improve our recycling and waste disposal techniques. We have equipment that recycles up to 50% of waste and we want to take the figure higher.

Eco Green

The disposal of unwanted objects is a worldwide problem. More people are now concerned about the effect of our activity on the planet, including our carbon density. At our skip hire company, we play our part by educating our staff and customers regularly on efficient waste disposal methods. We practice what we preach. Our living habits on the environment today have an impact on how it will be for future generations.


All of our team members are experts in their field. As a team, we aim to do the best job we can, whether we are disposing of refuse, managing waste, or education people. If you are interested in better waste disposal practices, contact our Maidenhead skip hire team. We are always happy to talk you through our practices.

Our Skip Hire Facilities in Maidenhead

Home Services

  • Online booking – Using our online system, you can hire a skip from the comfort of your lounge. Simply supply your location to begin. Go to https://skip-hire-maidenhead.co.uk and have a look around.
  • Handy Bags – If needed, we have cheap, disposable holding bags for your waste. This is a safe, environmentally friendly way to store your waste. 4We have both domestic and commercially available bags
  • Grab lorry hire This provides an alternative option when traditional skips and handy bags are unsuitable.
  • House Clearance – Residents in Maidenhead can benefit from house clearance services provided by our skip hire company. Other options available include a wait and fill collection or one-time house clearance.

Corporate Services

Available in Maidenhead – Skip hire from 3 to 12 yards

With various skip sizes available, our skip hire company can offer commercial clients in Maidenhead a true one-stop shop for your skip hire needs. For any service, from one off hire to a multiple size collection service, come to us. You will find our skips useful for removing – We guarantee our customers of direct services for waste disposal and no involvement by 3rd party. From start to end, our skip hire company processes every kilogram of material taken from your site in Maidenhead.

Rubbish Clearance in Maidenhead

Our range of services include rubbish removal. We can clear different types of rubbish in one hit or using a wait and collect approach. This option is ideal for restricted items where using a skip or simple handy-bags are not advisable. We have well-equipped clearance trucks which are ideal for removing large compactible waste from your premises.
You can hire from our fleet in Maidenhead, a truck(s) that is designed to collect multiple waste or isolated waste items. We will never dump this material in landfill. The vehicle will usually come with just one driver/operator, but we are able to add more labour if needed. Services –

  • Large waste collections
  • Residential waste clearance
  • Reprocessing waste
  • One-off collections

Complete Waste Treatment in Locationsss

Our skip hire company conducts a “Zero Landfill” approach. Due to our environmental code, we will never dump your refuse in a landfill in Maidenhead – or anywhere else. Our high tech recycling methods seek to produce reusable materials for clients and avert landfill for large waste material. By moving all your single waste materials to recycling, combined stream waste into sorting, we save costs through avoiding taxes from landfill. This action also improves your green credibility.
The need to use more ecologically responsible methods for waste disposal is more common in the UK today. Throughout the UK, our company Skip Hire Maidenhead has been offering waste management services for many years. Our Skip Hire Maidenhead team has a range of experience creating waste management solutions throughout the UK. By minimising your environmental waste impact, our skip hire company is able to help you improve the efficiency of your business. Click starts our service. Register a booking with us via https://skip-hire-maidenhead.co.uk or visit us in person –

Contact details –

Website – https://skip-hire-maidenhead.co.uk
Name of Contact – Jean Rodgers
Business Name – Skip Hire Maidenhead
Telephone – 0800 772 3859
Company Email Address – contact@skip-hire-maidenhead.co.uk
Call us at 0800 772 3859 for a meeting.