We are a family-run waste management company and skip hire business operating in Northamptonshire. Founded more than 10 years ago, we have grown to the successful business you see today. Since our company was created, we have worked with a range of different private and personal clients and catered to all their waste management needs. We have developed a reputation for following best industry practice, disposing of waste efficiently, and responding to requests fast. We are able to provide these services at a price you can afford in Northamptonshire through our skip hire company.

Environmental Friendly

All our Northamptonshire skip hire services are built on our professional service, with environmental responsibility at its heart. Our business aims to maintain high quality standards while delivering hassle-free waste disposal solutions to you. Since we are committed to reducing our environmental impact, we ensure that we recycle as much as we can using our specialised machinery. Our aim is a 50% recycling rate.

The Values of Our Skip Hire Company


The drivers at our skip hire company are CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) compliant and regularly trained. We guarantee our skip hire team will arrive at your home or office in minutes, anywhere in Northamptonshire. We have worked to improve our customer service and response time through the installation of GPS trackers on each of our vehicles, which allows us to control their location at all times.

Innovation and Tech

We invest in significant training and technology to allow us to continually improve our waste disposal techniques. To improve the safety of Northamptonshire and reduce the effects of garbage, we are always working out new ways to improve our recycling and waste disposal techniques. We already recycle around 50% of waste using our specialised equipment, but we would like to see this number increase.


Today, waste disposal is still a major issue. The world is concerned about our effect on the planet and the amount of carbon footprint we leave in our wake. At our skip hire company, we play our part by educating our staff and customers regularly on efficient waste disposal methods. We practice what we preach. How we treat our environment today determines how our children and their children will enjoy it tomorrow.


We have competent professionals at Skip Hire Northamptonshire. We are committed to excellence in all forms of our work, be it education programs, waste disposal, or waste management. Call our Northamptonshire skip hire team to learn more about improving your waste disposal habits. We would love to hear from you.

Our Skip Hire Facilities in Northamptonshire

Household Services

  • Online booking – Using our online system, you can hire a skip from the comfort of your lounge. Simply supply your location to begin. Go to https://skiphire-northamptonshire.co.uk and have a look around.
  • Handy bags – You can choose to store your waste in our low-cost goody bags before final disposal. They offer a safe biodegradable alternative to other regular bags. Our handy bags are available for residential and commercial use.
  • Grab lorry hire – This provides a flexible way to remove different steams of waste from your home where traditional skips or handy bags may not be suitable.
  • House Clearance – Residents in Northamptonshire can benefit from house clearance services provided by our skip hire company. Other options available include a wait and fill collection or one-time house clearance.

Corporate Services

Available in Northamptonshire – Skip hire from 3 to 12 yards

For a true one-stop skip hire shop in Northamptonshire, we are the ones to see due to our huge range of skips. Our services vary, depending on your choice, we can deliver a single hire or various skip hire sizes. You will find our skips useful for removing – We assure our clients our services are direct and we do not use 3rd party businesses to complete our waste disposal. Our skip hire company handles every kilogram of waste removed from your Northamptonshire premises till its final recycled state.

Garbage Removal in Northamptonshire

We offer rubbish clearance solutions as part of our flexible business. Rubbish clearance could be extended wait-fills or a one-time fill service, according to the nature of your rubbish. This service is predominately used when skips or handy bags aren’t a good solution. We have well-equipped clearance trucks which are ideal for removing large compactible waste from your premises.
If you have multiple or separated waste material, our skip hire company can provide the necessary vehicles to remove it. Be rest assured, no waste is unloaded to a landfill. Our trucks have a single driver-operator, however, we can include additional personnel if need be. Activities involve –

  • Commercial waste removals
  • House clearance
  • Industrial clearance
  • Garden waste

Northamptonshire Total Waste Management

We have a “No Landfill” rule at our skip hire company. We will never unload your waste into any landfill in Northamptonshire (or elsewhere) as stated by our company values. Where a number of different waste products are created, we aim to help our customers reduce landfill use and recycle as much as possible. By recycling and sorting waste, we reduce landfill taxes. This action also improves your green credibility.
The need to use more ecologically responsible methods for waste disposal is more common in the UK today. Throughout the UK, our company Skip Hire Northamptonshire has been offering waste management services for many years. Our Skip Hire Northamptonshire team has a range of experience creating waste management solutions throughout the UK. If your business is in Northamptonshire, our skip hire company can improve its efficiency through our bespoke service that focuses on minimising your waste impact on the environment. Click starts our service. Register a booking with us via https://skiphire-northamptonshire.co.uk or visit us in person –

Contact Details –

Website address – https://skiphire-northamptonshire.co.uk
Contact Name – Donald Gordan
Company Name – Skip Hire Northamptonshire
Phone Number – 0800 772 3859
Company Email – contact@skiphire-northamptonshire.co.uk
For quick advice, speak to our staff at 0800 772 3859.