Construction has been a crucial part of societies around the world ever since the start of civilisation. This sort of explains itself, as construction is literally the act of building, and human beings are natural builders.

Over the years, construction has come a long way and it has become a highly refined art. Most of the world’s most impeccable monuments have been created as a testament to the genius and tenacity we have been able to show as a species.

A career in construction today is one of the most fulfilling career paths in the world today,  as it is an opportunity to create a lasting monument, while also satisfying the needs of the people you have in mind. If you are currently considering a career in construction, here are the more popular options you can consider.

Building Surveyor.

Building surveyors are highly important in the construction process of a building, as they work hand in hand with other departments to ensure the buildings being constructed meet up to regulatory standards, and are also safe for living. Building surveyors also advise on the maintenance of already existing buildings, and are expected to give expert advice regarding all things about building regulations.

Quantity Surveyor.

This job may sound similar to the building surveyor; however, it is different in several key areas. The quantity surveyor is responsible for evaluating the costs that are going to be needed for the completion of the building, all the way from the initial estimates to the final costs.

The Architect

This is probably the most celebrated aspect of construction, as Architects are usually responsible for the blueprint of what any eventual building being constructed will look like. Architects always have to consider the design of whatever is being built, as well as its structural integrity. The Job of the architect is extremely fundamental to the outcome of the building, and consequently the barriers to entry are similarly high. The architect is responsible for ensuring the building being constructed is going to be built to last, while being pleasing to the eye.

The Painter or Decorator.

It’s known that a house is never complete until it has been painted. Unpainted houses are assumed to be unfinished, as colours are arguably the most vital aspect of design, and in their absence, we as human beings are able to identify that something is amiss. The job of the painter is extremely crucial when you consider this, and that is why he works closely with the architect and other construction crew so he can properly carry out the design blueprint initially set out by the architect.

The decorator on the other hand, is responsible for all the other aesthetic components initially planned for the building that are not covered in construction. These aspects are usually furniture, house appliances, floorings, wallpapers, and other decorations. The designer completes the building and his efficacy can make the difference between a warehouse building, and a professional office space.

The Construction Engineer.

 If the architect oversees the brains of the job, the Engineer oversees the brawn. He is responsible for the management of the process of constructing the building in question. He maps out the necessary materials that will best carry out the designs in the blueprint, and he oversees the process that shall eventually end up with the finished building. This is one of the more crucial jobs in the construction process, and an incompetent Engineer can lead to disastrous repercussions for all parties involved.

It’s important to note that these are not the only jobs in the construction process. There are several factors and jobs that go into the eventual makeup of a building, many of them extremely fulfilling, with great salaries and benefits. Why don’t you try seeing if one of these jobs is the best fit for you?