Burglaries are a common occurrence in the UK, with over 400,000 burglaries taking place each year. It is becoming more and more important to keep your home protected from becoming a target.

“While it is important to protect your home with good safety measures, it is also important to make sure you have home insurance.” states Tim Hodson, head of Sussex Police. Home insurance is important as it protects your home and belongings. It is vital to make sure you have insurance as if your home is subject to a burglary; the insurance protects you by repairing any damage or replacing any stolen items. While it is important to have home insurance incase you do experience a burglary, there are other measures you can implement to greatly reduce the chances of a burglary. Here are the top 5 tips for keeping your home secure.

Use a home alarm

Having a home alarm is possibly one of the best ways you can keep your home secure.  If you don’t already have a home alarm system then you should consider installing one. Not only does an alarm system greatly reduce the risk of falling prey to burglars, it also will decrease your home insurance premiums.  You need to make sure it is activated in order for it to be most effective and have any affects on your home insurance. Start to get into a habit of setting your alarm every time you leave and every night before you go to bed. By implementing this strategy it will greatly improve your home security as well as saving you money on your home insurance.

Get new locks

Right now on the market there are some great locks, which not only reduce your home insurance premiums but also increase the safety of your property. These locks are categorized as being the safest and most secure locks around. They are made specially to stop the occurrence of burglaries gaining access. It is important to have professionals fit these locks, as it is required by your insurance to have a professional fit them.

Hide your valuables

To give your home the ultimate security, hiding your valuables works a treat. When you leave out your jewellery and various gadgets it makes your home a target as they often attract the attention of thieves. By hiding these valuables you greatly reduce the appeal of your home.  It is also advised that you keep your car keys hidden and away from your front door as thieves can access your home through your letterbox!

Install a safe

Following on from the idea of hiding your belongings, it is a good idea to install a safe in your property. A safe is an investment to the safety of your home and all your belongings, which are precious to you.

If you are away for long periods of time – get a home guardian

If you are planning a lengthy stay away from your home, you may find yourself completely filled with dread. The worry of leaving your home for a prolonged period of time is enough to fill anyone with great anxiety, as you worry your home will become a target to thieves. However, there are some fantastic options for you ensure ultimate safety and earn some money. Global Guardians offer a way for you to ensure ultimate security for your home by providing you a trusted guardian to live in your property. Each guardian is carefully selected and pays a fee in order to stay in your property, earning you some extra cash.  By having a guardian occupy your property you are leaving your home in trusted hands.

So by following a few of these very simple tips, your home will be more secured in no time.