Muller Van Severen haven’t stopped after their presentation of Future Primitive shelving units at Interieur in 2012. This time, the interior designers from Belgium have laced the biennale Interieur 2016 Kortrijk with their stunning WireS# sculpture.

The series consists of a stainless steel netting of daybeds, which the duo, Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen described as “looking like a curled up mattress or a sheet of paper.” The dimension for the product is a two by two centimetre squares of wire net. This experimentation with wires started as a discovery, which could yet intrigue the user on how to best use the product.

“The discovery of this, for us, new material (inox wire net with squares of 2×2 cm), inspired us and incentivized us to the creation of a whole new world in which we could conceive landscapes and sculptures, and in which also color gets an important place. We also love the fact that this furniture needs to be dressed up by the users with plaids, blankets, sheepskins…”

We present to you four reasons why we think the Wire S# series is elegant.


Imagine a piece of furniture that lets you decide if you want green or white. The colours of this art are simple and subtle, which make them blend with other materials in your home. There is the elimination of distorting other colours you may already have because of their simplistic nature. So fix one in your bedroom or your sitting room where it does not dominate. The colours come in ash, green, red, and white.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Whether you are planning on going to a comfy vacation by the seaside or inviting family members to a reunion, you really don’t have to worry much about furniture. Since they are made of wires, they are obviously light to carry around. The series can be turned into swimming pool lounge chairs or sun loungers in your garden. This adds versatility to the design. Another stylish thing about these products is that you can decorate them with blankets, cushions, or sheepskin.

Distinct Shapes

The Wire S# series are created in different forms. Some just lie on the ground with a slight elevation for the back while others are shaped to resemble the U letter. The forms offer a variety of purposes – either for rocking to the gentle breeze outside or cuddled up to a good sleep. They also allow sharing with a mate.


We didn’t notice this at first until the designers drew our attention to it. “We wanted to accentuate the openness of the space. You can see through the object, but still grasp the architecture. Transparency makes the object present and absent at the same time. They don’t impose themselves on you, while they continue to be sculptural.”

This is one reason to love these pieces of architecture. The Wire S# series are inspirational, and they should allow designers to experiment with simple, yet trendy tools that add elegance to interiors.