If you work from home, you probably don’t need reminding of many of its merits – like the control that you have over your work-life balance and option of skipping the commute. However, if your home is small, you might still lack a dedicated space in which to work without distractions.

However, in this situation, look around your bedroom. You might be able to set aside part of it in which to place a workstation conducive to hours of productivity. You should particularly consider…

Raising your bed

Even if your bedroom is so cramped that it lacks floor space, you could free some space up by having your bed raised above the floor. This is one of many small space hacks showcased on designer furniture retailer MADE’s new tool – including sliders to show you a before and after room that’s been maximised for space. This provides huge inspiration to try new things and think outside the box.

With your bed raised in this fashion, you could proceed to push a desk underneath it to start assembling your workstation. MADE even stocks office desks that can serve as dressing tables. MADE offers made-to-measure furniture to help you to make the most of your space.

Allowing good use of natural light

As you are positioning your desk, make sure that it can still catch natural light. After all, being bathed in natural light can make you happier, as Fast Company says – and that could prove no small benefit when there is a tough deadline bearing down on you and frustration is threatening to mount.

Ideally, your desk will be near the windows but still parallel to the panes. This would have the further benefit of incentivising you to occasionally take a break by looking out of the window.

Adding artificial lighting

If you often have – or simply like – to work until late in the day, you obviously wouldn’t be able to keep effectively using natural light as the sun sets. Therefore, you shouldn’t entirely overlook the occasional need for electric lighting – and, for that matter, implementing it in style.

Some table lamps could produce a pleasingly soft glow. MADE stocks table lamps as well as wall lights and ceiling lighting if you are interested in experimenting with your office’s lighting.

Finding creative ways to store items

A home office needs to be designed in an organised fashion; otherwise, you could soon see reams of paper carelessly scattered about the space. If you fear that concealing those papers would prevent you remembering that they exists, you could put them on a bookcase along with your books.

A backless bookcase from MADE could be used to partition a bedroom into sections, thus affording you storage space while still letting light stream through different parts of that room.

Display art work on the wall

If you prop up some framed prints on your desk to let them lean against a wall as Ideal Home recommends, you can give yourself something comfortable to look at during breaks. As a result, you could slowly feel your sanity returning after a hectic period of hunching over urgent work.