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We welcome thoughtful and engaging articles that will be of value to our readers. Thousands of people visit our platform daily to learn and find innovative and useful architecture-related advice. We have a diverse audience. Our readers include architecture novices, experts, and those in-between, so an article that is easy to understand will resonate with all of our readers.

Writing for us allows you to reach thousands of people, a lot of whom are potential customers. It creates exposure for your service or company and positions you as an industry leader.

SEO Benefits

You get a lot of SEO benefits and enjoy the benefits for as long as our platform is online. This means increased traffic, highly qualified leads, and profits for your business.

We work hard to promote every article on our database. You understand the many benefits of content marketing and how this is vital to the whole process. When you write for us, you leave the capital intensive marketing efforts to us while focusing on the sharing your passion and talent.

There are a few guidelines we expect articles we publish to meet. They include:

  • It must be at least 500 words
  • Articles should be original and must not be plagiarised.
  • It shouldn’t be already published anywhere online (including on your website or blog).
  • It should be engaging and informative and provide value for our readers
  • It should be easy to understand both for experts and non-experts
  • If any image is used, proper credit must be given unless you own the rights to the image
  • It should be professional and devoid of profanity.

We encourage all forms of articles that relate to the architectural industry. Articles that do well on our website are those that are innovative or have a unique take on current industry interest. An engaging and concise article is preferable.

Be Bold

We encourage our writers to be bold and make a strong argument. However, you don’t have to wait till you have an idea that will reinvent the wheel. Bring a fresh perspective to the table that your peers will benefit from or debate on.

No Sales Speech

Please do not send us sales pitch or a press release. Look through our recent posts to get an idea of our style guide, as well as how to format and structure your piece. Attach reference links to facts and figures.

Remember, an article on our website is a mirror of the quality of your services so a high-quality article is a great marketing tool for you.  You will have a place to include your byline and link to your website at the end of the article.

You can submit your article below or send a copy as a Google document to our email. Once you submit your article, we either accept it as it is or ask you to make a few revisions. Once accepted, we can then give you a publishing date.

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